Quel est la capital Mexico ?

Quel est la capital Mexico ?

Quel est la capital Mexico ?

Capitale : Mexico D.F. Frontières : 4.500 km, dont 3.300 km avec les États-Unis,1.000 km avec le Guatemala et 250 km avec le Belize.

Is El Paso dangerous?

The El Paso crime rate, regardless of whether you’re talking about violent or property crime, is actually dropping. Beyond violence, travelers also wonder, “Is El Paso dangerous in terms of natural disasters?” In fact, El Paso has a lower risk of severe weather than other Texas cities, though parts of El Paso do flood during heavy rainfall.

How to stay safe in El Paso?

To stay in the El Paso safety zone, hang out in neighborhoods like Album Park, Cielo Vista, Rim Area, and East Side—and steer clear of higher-crime areas like Chihuahuita, Magoffin, and A Presidential Neighborhood. El Paso’s buses stop running after dark, but cabs, Ubers, and Lyfts are readily available.

What is it like to live in El Paso Texas?

Living in El Paso means you will be seeing and feeling the sun practically all year round. The triple digits don’t just fluctuate in the summertime either and it can stay hot out even during the fall and winter months. If you’re looking to live in a sunny city then this is the place for you.

What are the safest neighborhoods in El Paso TX?

The safest neighborhoods in El Paso, TX, include Album Park, where the chance of becoming a crime victim is 95 percent lower than the national average, as well as Cielo Vista, Rim Area, and East Side, where the crime rates are nearly as low.

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